Top 13 Best Hypoallergenic Wipes for Babies

best baby wipes

Hygiene is extremely important for everyone, and babies are no exception. If anything, one has keep everything all the more clean and hygienic if there is a baby in the house. It is not practical for parents to wash their baby every time there is a mess because frankly, you would need to wash them like 50 times a day.


That’s one of the many reasons why baby wipes are a godsend. They are the epitome of convenience and cleanliness. Take your pick from the list of the best baby wipes we’ve carefully curated and try them out. Enjoy reading!



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#1 Huggies Special Delivery Baby Wipes

#2 Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

#3 The Honest Company Baby Wipes

#4 Aveeno Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes

#5 Burt’s Bees Baby Wipes

#6 Mama Bear Gentle Baby Wipes

#7 Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes

#8 Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

#9 Pampers Expressions Baby Wipes

#10 Whoopsie Wipes Baby Wipes

#11 Babyganics Baby Wipes

#12 Pipette Baby Wipes

#13 Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Baby Wipes

1. Huggies Special Delivery Baby Wipes

Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes
  • Huggies has come out with the perfect duo of performance and softness with these Special Delivery baby wipes that work wonderfully on babies.
  • These baby wipes are thick and provide a soft, washcloth-like wiping experience on babies.
  • The baby wipes are made from plant-derived minerals and contain 99% triple-filtered, purified water, and so do not irritate baby skin.
  • These wipes are great for babies with sensitive skin in particular as they are safe and do not contain any harsh ingredients.


  • Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Approved
    Made from plant-based minerals
  • Free from lotions, fragrances and parabens
  • Contains 99% purified water
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • No major drawback found

2. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements Baby Wipe
  • These baby wipes help soothe the baby’s skin without causing any irritation to it.
  • They will leave your baby clean and fresh after every wipe and are extremely hydrating on the baby’s skin.
  • They are made from natural, plant-based ingredients and contain purified water which helps restore moisture and hydration to the baby’s skin, thereby preventing rashes.
  • These baby wipes from Amazon are among the best baby wipes because they have a safe formula and do an excellent job cleaning the baby.


  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist approved
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Free of parabens, dyes and fragrances
  • Approved by NEA
  • Great value for money


  • Wipes are not flushable

3. The Honest Company Baby Wipes

  • The baby wipes from The Honest Company are all-purpose as they can be used to clean just about anything from sticky counters to messy fingers and wet bottoms.
  • These wipes are among the best natural baby wipes because they have been formulated from sustainably harvested plant-derived material.
  • These baby wipes contain more than 99% water, and so are great on sensitive skin.
  • The Honest Company baby wipes are also interlocked and embossed for better softness, loft and easy dispensing.


  • Contains 99%+ purified water
  • Hypoallergenic and plant-based material
  • Durable and ultra-thick wipes
  • No processing, parabens or fragrance
  • Dermatologist approved


  • Slightly on the expensive side

4. Aveeno Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes

Aveeno Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes
  • The All Over wipes from Aveeno Baby are large sized wipes that are thick and durable, and have been made from soft fibres especially for your little one.
  • These babies work great for cleaning babies’ faces, hands and bottoms, leaving their skin feeling as soft, clean and hydrated as ever.
  • These baby wipes have natural plant-based ingredients such as oat extracts and aloe, which makes them safe to use on babies right from the time they are born.


  • 99% natural ingredients
  • pH balanced and hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician and Dermatologist recommended
  • Contains aloe and oat extracts
  • Free from parabens and fragrances


  • Much more on the expensive side

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Wipes

Burts Bees Baby Wipes
  • These baby wipes from Burt’s Bees are made from a cloth-like fabric so that they are gentle on your baby’s skin and do not cause any irritation.
  • The Burt’s Bees Baby Wipes are among the best baby wipes because they are made from ingredients of natural origin such as aloe and vitamin E.
  • These wipes have a soft, cloth-like texture and are free of chlorine which makes them particularly great for babies with sensitive skin.


  • Made from 99.2% natural ingredients
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe
  • Accepted by the NEC
  • Free from chlorine, paraben and fragrances
  • Pediatrician approved


  • Slightly expensive

6. Mama Bear Gentle Baby Wipes

Amazon Brand - Mama Bea
  • The Gentle Baby Wipes from Mama Bear are about as soft and gentle as wipes get as they are infused with vitamin E, chamomile, triple-filtered water and aloe.
  • You can also give back to the environment by purchasing these baby wipes as they help strengthen forest practices in North America and promote responsible sourcing.
  • These smart, reclosable packs retain the moisture in the wipes and the wipes are thick and filled with water, which makes them extremely hydrating on babies’ skin.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains 99% water
  • Made from aloe, vitamin E and chamomile
  • Hypoallergenic and safe


  • Might feel a little slimy

7. Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes, Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Water Baby Diaper Wipes,
  • The Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes are made of the simplest formula that the brand has ever come out with, and as the name says, are filled with water.
  • Your baby’s delicate skin will be protected if you use these wipes as they are made from soft cotton and include 1% dermatologically tested cleansers
  • These wipes can be used on all parts of your baby’s body including their face, and the wipes also do not contain any ethanol or drying alcohol.


  • Made from 99% pure water
  • Soft and gentle cleanse
  • Made from premium cotton
  • No alcohols, dyes or fragrances
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced


  • Below par packaging

8. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
  • The Free & Clear baby wipes from Seventh Generation have made it into the list of best baby wipes because they are gentle on the baby’s skin whilst cleaning it thoroughly.
  • These baby wipes are thick and soft, and work really well on babies with sensitive skin types as well as restore natural hydration to the skin.
  • These baby wipes are also safe for the face and hands and have been designed from a fabric that consists of polyethylene, wood fibers and polypropylene.


  • Excellent value for money
  • No fragrance, alcohol or parabens
  • Made from natural wood fiber
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved
  • Easy dispensing from flip-top lid


  • Wipes might stick together in some temperatures

9. Pampers Expressions Baby Wipes

Pampers Expressions Baby Diaper Wipes
  • These baby wipes from Pampers have made the best baby wipes list solely because they are extremely functional and work on all messes (on babies and surfaces).
  • The Expressions baby wipes also have a unique fresh bloom scent that calms and soothes babies, without causing any irritation to their skin.
  • The theme of these baby wipes is simply fabulous from inside out, and they work really well on babies’ skin and clean them so well that you won’t even need to bathe them!


  • Fabulous Designer print pack
  • Suitable for all messes
  • Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist approved
  • One-wipe dispensing pop-top
  • Available in two scents


  • Smell might be too strong for babies with wheezing

10. Whoopsie Wipes Baby Wipes

Whoopsie Wipes
  • The ultra-soft Whoopsie Wipes baby wipes can be used for just about everything as they can be used both wet and dry.
  • If you want to give your baby a natural and chemical-free wipe, all you have to do is wet the wipe with some water and you will be good to go.
  • These baby wipes are made from pure cotton and do not contain any chemicals, and can deal with all kinds of things such as diaper changes, nursing, drool and mealtime.


  • Made from 100% pure cotton
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Biodegradable and vegan
  • Large and multi-purpose
  • Hypoallergenic and natural


  • Can be rough sometimes

11. Babyganics Baby Wipes

Babyganics Baby Wipes
  • The Babyganics Baby Wipes are gentle and soft on babies’ skin and cause no irritation whatsoever as they are primarily made from natural ingredients.
  • They are made of a unique neo-nourish seed oil blend along with black cumin, sunflower, red raspberry, tomato and cranberry oils.
  • They are also multi-purpose wipes that are not meant just for tiny tushies, and are suitable for cleaning babies’ icky hands, sticky faces and dirty feet.


  • Good value for money
  • Neo-nourish seed oil blend
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested
  • Made from natural extracts
  • No parabens or sulphates


  • Smell might be weird
  • No pull-up wipes

12. Pipette Baby Wipes

Pipette Baby Wipes
  • The Pipette Baby Wipes are known for providing maximum comfort to babies and are extremely soft on babies’ skin while cleaning it thoroughly.
  • These wipes contain squalene (natural moisturizing agent) that is derived from sugarcane which stores the natural moisture of babies’ skin.
  • These baby wipes also contain glycerine extracted from plants, which makes these wipes extremely hydrating on babies’ skin and prevents rashes.


  • FSC and EWG certified
  • 100% plant-based cloth fibers
  • Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free
  • Contains natural glycerine and squalene


  • Extremely expensive
  • Below par packaging

13. Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature Baby Wipes

Jackson Reece Unscented Baby Wipes
  • The Jackson Reece Kinder By Nature baby wipes are, as can be deduced from their name, environment-friendly and made from sustainably sourced materials.
  • These baby wipes are made from natural ingredients like vegetable or plant extracts and are ideal for babies who have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema.
  • The packaging for these baby wipes, in particular, is compact, thereby translating to less air in the container and to being more efficient in shape.
  • These baby wipes are also safe for babies’ hands and face.


  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly
  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Gold Mother and Baby Award Winner
  • Comes in water-based and plant-based types


  • Extremely expensive
  • Wipes are a little thin

Buying Guide

When getting started on buying baby wipes every parent must adhere to the baby’s needs. Baby’s tend to have extremely soft and sensitive skin and using a baby wipe can be dangerous as they could contain substances that could lead to irritation and extreme discomfort for the baby. First consult with your pediatrician on which hypoallergenic baby wipes are suitable and non-harmful for your baby.


The best baby wipes should be thick yet soft and should have a washcloth like effect when wiping a baby, made from plant-based minerals and free from all lotions, fragrances and parabens containing mostly purified water should work wonders on the baby’s sensitive skin. This should leave your baby’s skin with a fresh and hydrating glow after every wipe. An easy dispensing feature is a must as it comes handy in most situations keeping the mess to an absolute minimum. The correct baby wipes won’t only clean your baby’s bottom, they’ll clear up a whole lot of trouble for the parents.


1. What are baby wipes good for?
Baby wipes can be used for cleaning a baby’s bottom after they have soiled themselves and other hygienic purposes like before food, after pumping gas, or even after shaking someone’s hand.

2. Is it safe to use baby wipes for adults?
Yes, it is very safe to use baby wipes for adults. Baby wipes do not contain any harmful chemicals or materials that damage the skin of babies or adults. They can be used to clean nearly everything.

3. Are baby wipes better than feminine wipes?
Baby wipes are far superior to feminine wipes as feminine wipes can sometimes lead to irritation and are not hypoallergenic, making baby wipes a safer and better option.

4. Do baby wipes clean?
Baby wipes are meant to clean a baby’s bottom therefore are not as effective in killing germs. Thus, baby wipes should not be used to clean household appliances. A good disinfectant is more effective.

5. Is it better to use toilet paper or paper wipes?
Toilet paper can sometimes irritate sensitive skin as they are dry. Baby wipes are preferred over toilet paper as they do not cause irritation and also sanitise the area. However, they can sometimes contain chemicals you are allergic to.