Top 05 Safe Enjoyable & Best Toys For 7 Month Old Babies | Buying GUIDE & Product Review

toys for 7 month old

As soon as the child is born, they tend to get into an atmosphere that is new and bright and different. People should also know that they are the only humans who tend to sleep a lot compared to other humans. Because they were so used to the dark that they and now everything is colourful. This guide will lead you to the best toys for 7 month old babies and helps you pick the right one

Around the age of 6-7 months, the baby tends to grab whatever comes to their perfect little hands. And the mothers will have a great time setting everything in the house to be childproof, especially if the child is seen to crawl. They would mouth anything that they are holding and will catch hold of things that are attractive and have vibrant colours. It might be tedious for mothers to leave the household chores and run behind the toddler during their playtime. 

Buying Guide

Here’s the guide that will help people choose what’s best for the baby and look in for child safety items or any childproof materials. It would constraint the research of the people as the products have detailed reviews and honest feedback and that the products have their pros and cons listed. 


The product of the gift should be huge enough for the baby to swallow. The colour will attract them, and hence they would want to keep the product in their mouth because they want to taste the colour/ the product. The experts also state that the item’s size relies upon the blessing given to the baby. Sharp objects or whatever doesn’t have any smooth edge isn’t suggestible for the child. It would be extraordinary if the items are nearly huge and light in weight so the child can abstain from gulping or that it can make any mischief.


The quality of the product is seen to be paid more close attention while purchasing any baby product. The list in amazon while searching toys for 7 month old baby, many would come across the amazon choice or the limited deal. These products are purchased more often and fulfil the requirements of all the parents. Quality is what most parents would require at a reasonable price. 


The products given in the guide would range from $5 to $45-50. The prices for the products are reasonable and pocket-friendly. It serves the quality invested in the development. Most people tend to buy something that the child can utilize for a more extended period, such as a walker, building blocks or teethers. 


The features that are meant to be observed while purchasing the product is whether the product is BPA free and PVC free. Most of the products are USP approved, and also the process of the approvals would go through a lot of trials, and then after several experiments, it would be approved as a childproof product. The well-being of the child should be served, and also pay close attention to any slight damages. 


Each product is bright and has vibrant colours that can catch the baby’s attention, but parents should keep an eye out for any damage on any toys. The materials used in the products are meant to be non-toxins materials. Many case studies from famous universities such as DTU state that 400-420 chemicals are found in stuffed toys that are hard, soft and foam plastic materials. So, parents should look out for child safety products and get them for their little ones. 






VTech sit-to-stand learning walker 




Sassy stacks Ring stem learning Toy  




Sassy Development Bumpy Ball 




VTech Turn and Learn Driver 




Play22 Activity Cube with Bead Maze 




1. VTech sit-to-stand learning walker 

Editor’s point

Toddlers can play with the detachable action board on the floor while finding creatures, colours, music, shapes and numbers. Append the board to the walker as infants develop, and they’ll keep on learning as they walk. This walker will help the child build on their speaking at a younger age. 

Special features

  • Interactive walker 
  • Removable play controls 
  • Fun musical sounds 
  • Has five piano keys 
  • Encourages creativity learning 
  • Vibrant colours 
  • Enjoyable telephone handset 
  • Manageable speed control. 

Product specifications:

  • Brand: VTech 
  • Colour: Multi colour 
  • Batteries: 2AA batteries 
  • Age: approximately from 7 months- 3 years 
  • Item dimension(L*W*H): 16.5*14.2*18.1 inches 
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds 
  • Customer reviews: 4.8/5 
  • Price: $39.42 

Detailed review

Many customers are satisfied with the product, and especially the babies. They tend to have a great time being on the walker during their playtime. Every button is fun.  

Every button leads to some or the other thing like for instance one of the buttons gives music while the others have small and adorable opening & closing of the doors. 

The handlebar used in the walker is a perfect height for the toddler to learn to walk. The speed controls are manageable and go well with the rest of the activities in the walker provided.


  • Great handlebars 
  • Purposive for walking & sitting 
  • Longer durability of musical units 
  • Numerous activities 
  • Educational & fun walker


  • Small size telephone
  • Issues with interlocking gears. 

2. Sassy stacks Ring stem learning Toy  

Editor’s point

Sassy has cooperated with formative specialists and teachers to make a line of toys explicitly intended to support STEM gaining from 6 months. While it may not be a science test or a conventional numerical question, infants have their rendition of STEM. Science, innovation, designing and maths come as interest, investigation and play! 

Special features

  • Different sizes of rings 
  • Convenient to clean 
  • Easy accessibility 
  • Lightweight 
  • Safe for mouthing 
  • Nine pieces 
  • Colourful rings 
  • Perfect fit for the hand 
  • Smooth texture

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Sassy 
  • Colour: Multicolour 
  • No. of rings: 9 rings along with stand 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Item dimension (L*W*H): 4.25*4.25*11.36 inches 
  • Item weight: 11.3 ounces 
  • Customer reviews: 4.8/5 stars 
  • Price: $9.32 

Detailed review

In my view, I definitely would say this product is the best one because the child will learn how to keep the rings in the right size and shape and the colours attract them and help them to learn too. 

The durability of the product is longer because it is made out of plastic and also does not cause any harm to the child while mouthing the rings. It can also be helpful for the child to teeth it.  

The drawback of the product is, the ring set is smaller than usual. Apart from this, the colours are very bright and have non-chemicals materials to keep things childproof. 


  • Great for teething 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Smooth texture 
  • Longer Durability 
  • Budget-friendly 


  • Falls off easily

3. Sassy Development Bumpy Ball 

Editor’s point

Cheeky formative child toys are intended to establish deep-rooted learning by cultivating advancement and animating the cerebrum. High differentiation designs, item extents, different sounds, age-fitting materials and valuable creative highlights are, for the most part, critical segments to our Sensory Play line of toys.

Special features

  • Smooth texture 
  • Various colours 
  • Develops touchable senses 
  • Easy to grasp 
  • Unique patterns 
  • Helps in developing eye movements 
  • Subtle sound 
  • Perfect size 

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Sassy 
  • Colour: Multi colour 
  • Material: plastic, foam & polyester 
  • Batteries provided: none 
  • Portable: Not suggested 
  • Item dimension(L*W*H): 5.5*7.5*8.88 inches 
  • Item weight: 3.52 ounces 
  • Customer reviews: 4.7/5 stars 
  • Price: $9.30 

Detailed review

The product is really great, babies can start using it at the age of 5 months itself. For some, the size might be perfect, but it isn’t up to the expected size, but it is a great product for the little one. 

The texture is very unique and has different styles, which can excite the toddler to play along. The durability of the toy is longer than one can expect. Worth purchasing. 

It is really good for tethering. But some people are disappointed with the product as the plastic of the toy seems to be unsatisfactory and the fibre-filled inside the toy is said to be dangerous. 


  • Vibrant & Bright Colours 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Well made 
  • Convenient to use 
  • Easy to maintain. 


  • Disappointing fibre used for stuffing. 

4. VTech Turn and Learn Driver 

Editor’s point

Profess to drive utilizing the directing wheel, causing the charming canine person to move to and fro. Support innovative play with a sign switch that triggers fun sounds and music, a traffic signal and a stuff shifter that pushes and pulls to present contrary energies. Lock-in and play!

Special features

  • Good quality packaging 
  • Enjoys driving the toy 
  • 3 play mode 
  • Insightful traffic lights 
  • Sound and music 
  • 60+ songs 
  • Various music modes 
  • Educational toy 
  • Fun gift to be given. 

Product specifications:

  • Brand: VTech 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Colour: Multi colour 
  • Battery: 2AA batteries 
  • Portable: No 
  • Item Dimension (L*W*H): 10.8*4.4*8.9 inches 
  • Item weight: 1.45 pounds 
  • Customer reviews: 4.8/5 
  • Price: $15.24

Detailed review

From the age of five months old, the toy can be given. Many babies get excited to play with them, and the sounds that they hear excites them and makes the whole playtime more fun. 

Not just a month old baby but also a two year old baby who enjoys playing with the toy. The toy gives in many music sounds, phrases that the child benefits them the most. 

Coming to the budget, I think it’s worth the price. It gives a whole vibe of driving the car, and also it excites the toddler to press the buttons to learn more from it. 


  • Educational product 
  • Eye-catching colours 
  • Develops motor skills 
  • Highly recommended 
  • Worth spending on the product. 


  • Sudden glitches

5. Play22 Activity Cube with Bead Maze 


Editor’s point

The play22 activity cube with bead maze comes with an extraordinary game set for the child to play. People will come across this product having numerous beads in rainbow colours. There are different shapes and sizes and keep the child engaged throughout their evening—wooden box with plastic beads; the perfect gift. 

Special features

  • Academically beneficial 
  • Develops motor skills 
  • Quick learning 
  • Creative activity 
  • BPA free 
  • STEM learning 
  • Improves in logical thinking 
  • Engaging game 

Product specifications:

  • Brand: Play22 
  • Material: Wooden box & plastic beads 
  • Colour: Rainbow colours 
  • Batteries: No 
  • Portable: No 
  • Item dimension (L*W*H): 8*8*7 inches 
  • Item weight: 3.3 pounds 
  • Customer reviews: 4.5/5 
  • Price: $ 30.08 

Detailed review

The toy is perfect for a growing child as it benefits them apart from just playing with the beads. They improve intellectually and, at the time, have fun with the product. 

Which parent wouldn’t want to buy a wooden box which will enhance the child’s knowledge and make them wiser? The box is well made, and the plastic beads are beautiful due to their colour. 

Not everything is perfect, and blues. The drawback for the product is that the child wouldn’t handle it with care because of their excitement. So, it could break easily without even having to stay strong.


  • Helps academically
  • Improves logical thinking 
  • Develops motor skills 
  • Keeps the child engaged 
  • Perfect for learning


  • Material tends to be harmful 
  • Prone to damage 

How have I ranked the products in the list of Best Toys  for 7 month old babies?

I have mentioned the above list basis on the quality and the best usage that the child can make out of the toys. Some of them in the list show that the toys can be used up to the age of four to five because it is very educational and improves their motor development skills. I have also mentioned the parents or people’s safety and childproof requirements before buying the toys.

Care And Maintenance Tips

  • Plastic bodies can be cleaned down with a cleaning agent and warm water, as above. It can wash hair with a kid cleaning agent — your young person will trust it’s a pleasurable activity, washing their doll’s hair. 
  • Plastic toys come in all shapes and sizes, and these are the best friends and family for any child. Many toys additionally have batteries in them. Along these lines, it is essential to eliminate them and keep the battery divide concealed while cleaning them.
  • Elastic toys are straightforward to play with. These are gentler contrasted with hard plastic toys and can be taken care of by the child absent a problematic situation. Additionally, they hold many germs on their body instead without any problem. 
  • A large portion of the toys that are battery-fueled is made out of plastic. Plunging them in water may appear to be expected, yet this could wind up harming the hardware and delivering the toy pointless. 


Q) When can parents start getting toys? Is it too early for newborn babies? 

A: No, it’s not early. Most experts suggest parents get stuffed toys at eight weeks of the baby being born. Stuffed toys that are harmless and are definitely toxin-free should be given for them to play with. 

Q) Can people recommend bleach for babies’ toys? 

A: Utilizing fade can free your toy of the multitude of germs simply. Blanch is generally protected to use on an assortment of materials; however, it is ideal for giving it a shot on a bit of space of the toy, to a weakened extent. 

Q) What should preferably be given to the 7+-month-old child? 

A: The answer is quite simple. Apart from the list mentioned above, the child can also be given teether items and highly recommend reading books with vegetables and fruits names. The initial stage is the grasping stage. 

Q) What are the other qualities looked into as the best toys for 7 month old? 

A: Toys are attractive, but it is important also to note these points while purchasing the toys:

Warranty provided 

Child safety provided 



Beneficiaries out of the product.