Choosing Your Battles – How to Raise Kids In This Current World

How to Raise Kids In This Current World

As a parent, it seems like the world is a much scarier place than when we were growing up. There are definitely much more things we worry about today than we ever had to think about. Kids have more access to things than we ever did growing up. We live in an age where information is instantaneous and the emphasis is on immediate satisfaction. So how do you raise children in this current world when you know you can’t shelter them from many things? Here are some tips…

1 Be a friend AND a parent. While you should be their closest confidant, you should know where to draw the line. Sometimes, it is okay if your children don’t like you or are upset with you. Creating boundaries and expectations with them is quite important to raising well-adjusted kids. If you are constantly trying to get them to like you, they start to lose their respect. You don’t want to raise bratty children who are used to always getting their way. They need to learn how to be angry and manage their emotions.

2 Let them fail. While this can be quite difficult to watch and not to intervene, it is important that children fail. These are the lessons that they will remember the most. They need to know how to accept failure, learn from it, and most importantly, how to pick themselves back up to try again. This is an important lesson in life. Remember that each failure is steps closer to success.

3 Hold them accountable. This is a lesson that even adults have a hard time learning. Holding them accountable for things that they do wrong is shaping their character and who the person they will become. It helps them learn right from wrong and realize that there are consequences to their actions. When they take a misstep, allow them to make it right on their own. By admitting they are wrong, they can learn how to move past it.

Be realistic. Most parents grew up in a generation where our parents said we could be whoever we wanted to be. This is simply not true. Not everyone will make it to the NBA and not every child is gifted. But love them for who they are and celebrate them as individuals. The best lesson you can teach your child is how to be happy. Foster their interests and passions to discover what they enjoy doing. Always allow them to try and encourage them when they need it.

Have fun. Remember that the best thing about having children is being silly and enjoying being a kid again. Take the time to spend with one another and make memories. We get so caught up with our busy lives that we forget to take a step back and just relax with one another. Find adventures and learn new things as a family. This is the best way to create strong family bonds with one another.

Tell them you love them. Every single day. There was never a child who said, “I was loved too much.” It is important to let them know just how much they mean to you. Don’t withhold love. Shower them with it. By letting them know how deeply important they are to you, you are building kids with strong confidence and a strong sense of self.