How to Multitask Even When You Have A “Mom Brain”

How to Multitask Even When You Have A “Mom Brain”

Moms really seem to do it all, don’t they? Women, as it turns out, are far better at multitasking than men. Perhaps that’s the reason women feel compelled to do everything themselves, even if there is someone else there to help them. This if-you-want-it-done-right-do-it-yourself mentality is really hard to change.

Still, when you’re new to the whole mom-thing, or you’ve suddenly found yourself without a partner, it can be difficult to get into a rhythm with that multitasking, all while parenting. Here are a few things to make “Mom-ing” a bit easier though, even when life feels like it’s coming at you from all sides.

1) Plan during downtime

Before you laugh and say, “What downtime?” just remember that no matter how busy we are, we always have a moment. The real issue here is that you feel so burnt and done with it all, you don’t want to do anything responsible during that free time.

And that’s totally okay. We get it.

However, if you take the time to make a plan for the week, you won’t have half the chaos you encounter with a house full of kids. Take cooking, for example. Meal prep with your slow cooker, cook up a huge tray of lasagna and freeze the rest, and do little things that will all give you more time to yourself during the week. As a bonus, you’ll have delicious meals all week long that you only have to heat up!

2) Keep your pitcher full

As moms, we give so much of ourselves to the point where we forget about our own needs. That doesn’t help anyone. It certainly won’t help you multitask, either, if you’ve run yourself so ragged that you can’t get out of bed. When you pour out too much of yourself, you have nothing left to give. It’s not selfish to take care of your basic needs. Without doing that, you can’t be there to fill up your children’s cups.

3) Delegate more

If you have older kids, start dishing out more responsibilities to them. It’s good for them to learn some appropriate independence, plus they can earn an allowance for these chores. You’ll have more time to multitask on those things that can only be taken care of by you. The S’moresUp app can really help you get started by integrating your family together, even if you don’t all live under the same roof.

4) Ask for help

Don’t be shy to ask for help.

You are NOT a failure if you ask for help! No mom (or dad even) can truly do it all, though
social media and glossy photos will have you believing otherwise. It takes a village, and if
you don’t have one, build one with friends and family members! Support each other
when things get too crazy to handle it all.

You may not need help every day, but if your neighbor can come to watch the kids while you attend a class to improve your job skillsets (or when you try to pursue your own hobbies), you should go for it!

For extra help juggling and multitasking, use your S’moresUp app and make the most of your time!