Impact of COVID on working parents

Decreased productivity – compensated by working long hours

  • Employees are experiencing High-level of stress and anxiety due to significant disruption in the work environment
  • Parents now spend an additional 27 hours each week on household chores, childcare, and education – nearly the equivalent of a second job – on top of their household responsibilities before the crisis.

Dropping off from the workforce to take care of family needs

U-turn on diversity and inclusion

…on top of existing parenting challenges.

  • Parenting is inherently HARD, very personal & sometimes lonely; no two parenting needs are the same.
  • Hardship like job loss, single parenting, and socioeconomic stress makes parenting harder.
  • The inherent addictive nature of screens has made parenting the “screen-age” generation the hardest.
  • Over 90% of kids need constant reminders to complete their tasks/chores. (base on a survey of over 750 families)
  • Kids are easily influenced by contextual advertisements, sponsored content, and social media influencers.
  • Kids are mostly under-prepared for adulthood as the school curriculum has not adapted to the latest changes.

COVID just exposed the childcare crisis that we knew we already had.


As a corporate, why should you care?

High-level of stress and anxiety will lead to decreased productivity over time.

What is your company doing to help the wellbeing of employees’ families?

Women in senior leadership roles are dropping off from the workforce.

What’s your plan to address gender inequality at the work place?

Even after COVID, some form of work from home is here to stay.

How will your company handle this new paradigm of work-from-home and parenting?

Hiring and retraining employees is an expensive endeavor.

What assistance are you providing to retain your experienced employees?

We can help address the challenges faced by working parents in managing household responsibilities during and beyond the pandemic.

Why us? … coz we know parents.

  1. Our All-in-One solution makes family management more “manageable.”
  2. We have been working with parents for over 4 years.
  3. We serve over 130,000 families across 143 countries.
  4. Families trust us. We have 4.4 Star Rating on the AppStore.
  5. The Wall Street Journal likes our approach of integrating with Smart Appliances to make life simpler.


We help employees reduce the stress of family management by

  1. Automating family management
  2. Sharing the responsibility of housekeeping with everyone in the family
  3. Gamifying family management so that it is fun and engaging
  4. Teaching kids life-skills through positive reinforcement techniques
  5. Keeping everyone on the same page when it comes to family things


We help corporates retain working parents by providing family wellbeing initiatives as part of emoployee benefits.

  1. Understand and acknowledge the needs of working parents.
  2. Understand and address the challenges of work from home.
  3. Deliver partner programs that focus on family wellbeing and address childcare needs.
  4. Safeguard your diversity and inclusion initiatives.


S’moresUp provide parents with a customizable family management solution to stay organized, informed, and engaged.

Stay Organized

Parents offload their mental list to the app, and we take care of automating your family management.

We take care of nudging, reminding, and nagging and help family members stay on top of their schedule and activities, thereby freeing you from mundane tasks of family management.

Stay Engaged

With Family Wall, 1:1 messaging, family group, and parenting community, parents are always engaged with people they care the most about and help maintain their support network.

Corporates can deliver programs that focus on Family Wellbeing through partner networks.

Stay Informed

We keep parents informed with reports and family trends to stay on top of things with minimum effort.

We provide integrations with Smart Appliances, Home Assistant, and Classroom providers to simplify family management.

On average, S’moresUp saves 8hrs/week* for parents.

* based on a survey from 730 active familes on the app

All this for a monthly price

equivalent to a

Double Tall Latte

from Starbucks


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