Positive Effects Social Media Interaction has on Your Children

positive effect of social media

Many of our articles are written in an attempt to help modern-day parents safeguard their kids against the potential dangers lurking on social media. However, we’d be remiss if didn’t give it praise where praise is due. After all, social media isn’t all bad. It’s something that is now and will forever be ingrained in our society. You can’t keep your kids sheltered away from it, so educating them on proper usage will always need to be your strategy.

Your kids need social media for many things that will serve them well in life. We’d now like to point out the positives of your kids using social media.

Cultivating technical and social skills in one. Most jobs these days involve a bit of know-how on social media and internet usage. The earlier your kids learn how to navigate it safely and successfully, the better this will serve them in the future. However, keep in mind that there is an age for everything. 

2 Creative interaction. Indeed, there’s a sinister side to social media. Still, with social media, kids can join in groups with classmates and work on projects together for school. They can converse in real-time without having to leave their room. While you should always keep a keen ear, this is a great benefit for your kids because it allows them to work together without you having to drive them back and forth.

Peer-based learning methods. With social networks, kids are able to learn in different ways and be motivated by their peers. Students can interact and give feedback. It makes them more enthusiastic and provides them with a different experience than learning from an adult.

4 Staying connected. Just as you use social media to keep up with your friends, your kids will too. It’s very much a part of how we stay close to those who matter most even when we are far apart. While it is always encouraged to have real conversations, social media steps in when talking face-to-face isn’t possible. It’s a wonderful thing to stay in touch with a friend who has moved away.

5 Building empathy.  Social media may have its pitfalls, but one thing it does for our kids and us too, is to make us more empathetic and considerate. We take the time to like and comment…and make someone’s day better. Also, we hear news of pain and joy, lots of inspiring stories from people all over the world. This leads us to the next point…

6 More awareness. One of the obvious positive points of social media: we can know what’s happening in every corner of the world. It’s much easier to express opinions. It’s much easier to showcase talent. It’s much easier to protest, to take a stand, to spread ideas. Thanks to of social media, activism can reach new audiences and right the injustices of the world. 

7 New perspectives.  Remember having a pen pal in school from far away? Your kids get the chance to learn about as well as interact with kids from all over the world. It’s an amazing opportunity to teach them about different cultures and learn about how what makes each of us different makes us special.

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