Raising Healthy and Active Kids

Raising Healthy and Active Kids

it is essential for children to be active. However, in today’s world, it seems most kids are consumed with getting as much screen time as they can. Between video games, the internet, and TV, it’s hard to get them out of the house to play. Nonetheless, it is important to raise healthy active children. Here is how you can help foster kids who want to go out and play.


#1: Take them outside

Visit the parks or do outdoor activities. These are not only great ways to stay active, but they help you bond as a family. Make a bucket list of all the parks you are going to visit or outdoor activities you plan to do. Find adventures at the zoo or beach. By getting outside as a family, you are showing them how fun it can be.

#2: Make outside fun

Give them the tools they need to have fun outside. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive playsets, but buy things that help foster their imagination outside. Purchase balls, sidewalk chalk, or any other outdoor toys. If they say they are bored outside, allow them to be bored. Trust us. Eventually, their imagination takes over and they will discover a whole new exciting world filled with adventures.

#3: Be a healthy role model

Children model what they see so make sure they see you being active as well. Don’t get too caught up with work or your phone. Get outside yourself. When they see you being active, they will follow.

#4: Give your children options

Do they want to play a sport? Maybe they want to learn a new skill such as skateboarding. Give them the options to choose what they want to do, and let them foster those interests. By giving them options you’re allowing them to have a bit of control, which kids are very appreciative of.

#5: Put away tablets and video games

Limit the use of these electronic devices. Keep it down to an hour a day, and make sure you follow this rule too. By putting those electronic devices, children start to learn how to entertain themselves. Let them go outside and work on their imagination and creativity. These are important skills to have for a lifetime.

#6: Learn a new skill together

This is a fun way to learn something new together as a family. Find something that no one has tried before, such as rock climbing or zip-lining. Then have an adventure and learn this new skill together. Who knows, someone may find a new passion of theirs. Learning new skills together is a fun way to get active and at the same time, bond as a family.

#7: Cook healthy meals together

Cooking healthier meals together can be challenging. Especially with kids who don’t let to try vegetables. Try cooking a meal together as a family. Find a recipe that everyone will be happy with and will want to try. You may be amazed to find that your kids will try the food that they had a hand in helping make.

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