Teach Micro Habits To Your Kids And Avoid Micromanagement At Home

Teach Micro Habits To Your Kids And Avoid Micromanagement At Home

They say that it’s the little things that matter. One look at your kids and you’ll see that in action. The most precious gifts are not the expensive presents you shower them with, but actually, the small moments when you laugh with them. The same is true for bringing your child up successfully. Micro habits will prepare the kids to handle those bigger, more pressing things.

Micro habits can be used to grow successfully in life. From health and fitness goals to simply staying on track with household chores, these tiny things may seem insignificant, but they help ingrain good habits into our kids. And as a single parent, you’ll need all the help you can get to set up a good system in your home.


5 Important Micro Habits To Start Now

What kids learn now and develop as habits will stay with them all through life. For example, developing the habit to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up will probably be ingrained in their minds all the time. It takes about three weeks to stick to a new habit. So bear that in mind as you go through life with your kids, teaching micro habits to create bigger habits.

Teach Micro Habits

Micro habits should be short and sweet. The key is they set the stage for things that take longer and have more meaning. Read on and you’ll get the hang of it.

1. Daily writing

For kids that are able to write, get them in the habit of writing on a board or slate. They should write around 50 words a day. Have them make up silly sentences, write how they feel, or write about something they’d like to do. A notebook is good to switch to as kids improve this skill, and great for bigger kids to develop a penchant for writing. Even young kids can participate by simply scribbling with crayons. Just taking a few moments out a day will help build this positive habit.

2. Drinking enough water

Most adults don’t drink enough water. We could probably do with enacting this habit upon ourselves. If your kids are mostly drinking juice or soda, start getting them to drink water right as they wake up and in the evening about an hour before bedtime to avoid any bed-wetting accidents. It helps clear out toxins and rehydrate the body.

3. Daily exercise

Kids these days can be a bit lethargic. In our day, we ran around in the yard or the neighborhood with our friends until the streetlights came on. Today’s kids tend to be more sedentary. With micro-habits, you can help keep your kids off the couch and get them moving. Insist on getting them moving each day. Start small, perhaps with a game of ball or tag in the yard for a few minutes. Don’t be surprised when the kids start asking you to play longer!

4. Read, read, read

Children that read for pleasure are more successful in life. As they go through school, more and more reading will be required. Help them to enjoy it more by building this foundation now. For young children, read to them without fail every single day. For bigger kids, have them choose a book from the library and get them reading it. Ask them to read for 10 minutes a day. Before you know it, they will be reading quietly in their room for hours.

5. Establishing chores

And finally, one of the best micro habits: chores. Start off easy, like asking your kids to put their dirty clothes right into the laundry basket when they change. Have them pick up toys and put them in bins to tidy up the room. Ask them to put their shoes, bag, and other essentials in a specific place every day to avoid wasting time looking for them when it’s time to go. Create a routine involving all of these things so it becomes a habit. When you build habits around these chores, your kids will do them without a moment’s hesitation because they’re ingrained in their lives.

Making Micro Habit Building Easy for Single Parents

Of course, with single parents, it can become exhausting to try to set up these habits in the first place, particularly when the shift has just happened in the family. Whether it’s from divorce or the loss of a parent, conflict can arise. No matter the situation, you probably could use a helping hand to get your kids to lend a helping hand.

S’moresUp is the ideal app for family management, particularly for single-parent households. You can use it to team up with your ex to create and manage a list of tasks or chores. You can share it so that whether they’re at your house for the week or your ex’s, the habits and chores expected of them will be completed. You might not always be on the same page with your ex, but for the sake of your kids, it’s a must to forge a united front for their development and well-being.

By using the app, you help your kids stick to their new micro-habits and build bigger habits. You can even have a family meeting where these habits are agreed upon by everyone in the family, so your kids know what is expected of them. This will make it easier for everyone. Whether they’re in your house or their other house, they will know what they must do.

Don’t forget to create positive rewards for your kids and give them plenty of encouragement for a job well done. Rewards don’t need to be instantaneous. You and your ex can take turns on doling out the rewards too. For example, at the end of a week, you can track their progress and reward them with a special trip to the park, going out for ice cream, or something else that will motivate them to greatness.

With S’moresUp, you’ll have the best tool you need in your hands for creating success with micro-habits.