Ways to Battle Social Media Anxiety and FOMO

Build your connections with kids

It’s funny how social media brings us all together and, at the same time, pushes us all far apart, isn’t it? It can present us with so many opportunities, but just losing a single one can feel like the end of the world. Ever had to miss out on a long-anticipated event due to personal commitments? Jealous of how much fun your friends might be having at the party…while you are stuck home babysitting? You’ve just experienced a case of FOMO, the fear of missing out.

If our kids are on social media, guess what? They experience FOMO, too. FOMO makes them feel lonely, envious, and depressed, plus it tanks their social skills. To keep us all from sinking into the dark and murky depths of FOMO, we’ve got to live in the now. Setting a good example for our kids, with social media as well as everything else, is the key to helping them find their happiness.

Here are some things you and your kids can do to get out of that FOMO funk and make a positive change in your lifestyle. 

1. Take a break

It’s a remarkable world out there, you know. Put down the devices and go somewhere with the kids. Go on a walk. Take them to the park. Pack a picnic. Whatever you do, remember that phones are not going to be a part of it. Only carry yours for emergencies; avoid looking at it. Create many moments like this and both you and your kids will forget about that virtual reality and live in the present actuality, which is far better than what we think we’re missing out on.

2. Build your connections with each other

When it comes to teens, we know they think we’re all horribly unhip. Nevertheless, they secretly want to spend that time with us, and they should. Encourage your kids to build real, healthy relationships with the people in their lives, from their parents and guardians to their aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. These bonds (not that blur of newsfeed) are the stuff that, in time, will make lasting memories.

3. Get involved by helping others

Do you know what gets both kids and adults out of a FOMO funk? It’s stepping out of our privileged worlds and helping other people. Volunteer in the community together. Round up those old toys, games, clothes, and other things you don’t need and take them to your local homeless shelter. When you see how lucky you are to have what you have, you won’t feel FOMO anymore- and neither will your kids.

Taking these three steps together with your kids will open new doors for all of you. Do it regularly and you might just find that when you’re home together, you are more willing to “REALITY” together. 

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