Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Kids

Why It’s Important To Travel With Your Kids

You’ve probably taken a trip or two with your kids domestically, but have you considered going abroad with them? Sure, it’s a lot of extra packing and paperwork, but the opportunities for enriching their lives (and yours too) are unparalleled.

There’s a famous quote that states, “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.” While it’s unknown who said it, it’s a very true sentiment. Think back on your childhood memories. What do you remember most? The trips you took with your family, right?

Instead of planning yet another Disney vacation, plan something a little more exotic with your kids. It’s worth the effort.


It’s a change in scenery

Kids might not remember the trip abroad when they were babies, but the experience shapes them. Little ones absorb everything they see. Even if they can’t recall it later on, they’ll have a more open mind by being exposed to new sights, sounds, and flavors.

It’s a humbling experience

We get so caught up in our own little reality that we often forget about the rest of the world. When we go elsewhere, we see how other people live and what their version of “normal” is. Some countries may seem more advanced than others. It helps your children to see these things and be grateful for what they have. It also gives them the chance to find the beauty in the things that make us different.

It builds a connection with the world

When we experience other’s cultures, we feel connected with them. When strangers exhibit acts of kindness towards us, we feel more positive about humanity. When we travel, part of our soul will always be attached to the area.

After interacting with the new cultures and surroundings, the place becomes something more special than another name on the map. So, the next time we or our kids hear about distress affecting that part of the world, we will feel more obligated to help out.

It makes us more willing to step out of our comfort zone

Kids take their cues from us. If we keep to the same routine all the time, it teaches them to keep their hearts and minds closed. For those of you that order the same dish every time you go out, this is an exercise you need to embark on too. The younger your kids are when you travel to other countries, the more intrepid they’ll be. They’ll be exposed to new foods and ways of life early on. Once they’re all grown up, they won’t have these imposed limitations on them. They won’t hesitate at the sight of new food, nor will they be fearful of new places. Instead, they’ll have a zest for exploring it.

It makes the best memories

The change of surroundings provides a great opportunity for new things to happen to us — things that normally would have not happened. This will push us to discover more about ourselves.

Your kids will love looking at those old family photos of that time you went to China to see the Great Wall or visited Big Ben in England. They may even surprise you with what they recall about these trips. And if your kids are bigger, it’s still a great opportunity to teach them more about the world by being open to it yourself.

One day when our kids are old, they’ll be telling their grandchildren about when they were young. Give them something meaningful to talk about.